Who gets on my nerve? It seems everybody does…

Yesterday, I went on a mental fit about how Black people who hate Black people or anything Black – gets on my nerves. And I was thinking, there’s so many ways that can be taken. Uppity Black people who don’t like working class Black people things get on my nerves. Working class Blacks who always down on Lower class Blacks get on my nerves. Hood niggas get on my nerves. Elitist people get on my nerves. There’s a neverending story of who gets on my nerves!!

So how do I fix it? Omg – Idk. (<— shit like that gets on my nerves)….

I just – I mean in one way, this makes me all about equal opportunity, right? But is there a way I can flip this to become an equal opportunity person with love? Can I love all these people? Because in some way or another, all these groups affect me or are a part of me. It’s not a mirror thing at all, as in, I don’t like these groups because I don’t like myself. No.

It’s more like, people who are super elitist don’t find room or value in the words of people who are for whatever reason, in their imagination, beneath them. I don’t like that people with money or some higher level of income, think that everyone beneath that bracket is poor. I was raised in a house where the combined income was around 60k and I never went hungry or  missed anything that I didn’t need. At the same time, I feel like because the needs of the underclass are never discussed, that the working class are the people on the bottom – not a lot of money, but bills are paid (probably late), but all n all you make it. However, this part does irritate me about myself because I assume everybody is working class, including people in the lower class who may or may not be able to get their bills paid, who may or may not be able to have to focus on what I can focus on, who may or may not be a good person but have to hustle just to survive, literally….

Oh! Who I didn’t mention, I’m so tired of this whole Black woman syndrome shit that keeps coming up. If you don’t want to date a Black woman – go about your business and don’t, what’s the point of ragging on the group in public??? Just don’t say shit. The same thing for example with homosexuality, if you don’t like it – don’t be gay!! If you don’t like Black women, don’t date them and stfu up about it! Go one with your life – do you really need to put dirt on my name to make yourself feel better in the public light? No!!

Ok – I just haven’t written anything in a minute. I’m done for now.


One response to “Who gets on my nerve? It seems everybody does…

  1. hey sugarbabe, i definitely have felt this way a few times in my life…

    now i feel nothing…so out of touch with emotions

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