A new post wouldn’t be a new post if it weren’t a vent …

I’m having one of those days where I’m tired of discussing colorism. I could even talk about racism, but colorism – no. I can’t even make this a full post – I’ll know we’re moving in the direction of post-racial when Black people and people of color period stop deeming their darker counterparts as something to be made fun of. I’ll know we’re moving towards post-racial when they can see that who they are is because of their darker counterparts, ancestors, etc. that usually ignore. I can’t even say it’s just a matter of being dark skinned b/c I think very very very fair skinned people get the short end of the stick too, in the since that they went a bit too far on the light side to be saved by “light-skinned grace,” perhaps confronted all the time about their blackness. On the flipside, being too dark is in some way too Black, — kinda like too much of a thing isn’t good … it’s just messed up that globally this is how the depth of Blackness is perceived … I can’t be fully upset b/c some people are just ignorant and foolish and haven’t sat to reflect about their thoughts.

So yeah, that’s it for right now


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