New Doors

And so, I must say that I think this will be one of the most challenging years for me. Why? Because I feel like I’m about to be stretched and pulled in ways that will ultimately benefit me in the future – to be more mature, more organized, more direct, more compassionate, more understanding, more patient, more assertive, just more – and these are all good things but those darn growing pains. My spirit is moved right now, that’s how I know something is happening. My feelings don’t feel superficial or on the periphery, but something in my core is about change into another level person. The type of woman, leader, mother, instructor that I want to be all have the same underlying points – one permeated with care and compassion but also is balanced with being able to be stern & challenging for the better. Kinda like those old fashion black women we think of, I want to be like her (think the mother from Soul Food, the series or the movie)…

So yeah, that’s about it for today.


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